i’ve been involved in bandom long enough to remember tyson ritters glitter phase. incredible

Never forget

Tyson Ritter Gif Hunt


Under the cut are 100+ gifs of Tyson Ritter from All-American Rejects (and he acted in a few movies too **i just discovered this.**). Please like or reblog if you use any of the following. If any of the gifs in here belong to you, please message me to take them down.

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This is literally the best post ever.


tyson ritter tho


Tyson Ritter playing piano drives me crazzyyyyyyyy


Sorry about my blog I just remembered that Tyson Ritter existed.

Never apologize for Tyson Ritter spam

Anonymous: Do you know if aar are gonna release new music soon?

Nick did mention in an interview that they would be returning to the studio this fall.

The interview is here and it’s the most I’ve heard about a new album.


"Why Worry" - The All-American Rejects